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The lateral damper mounting kit allows the use of steering damper in lateral position on the Ducati Panigale V4

Developed for Stock championship (original frame and related parts), the kit is composed by:

-Aluminum alloy bracket, CNC machined from solid block with a black anodize treatment (to mount the “body” of the steering damper on the lower fork bridge).

-Bolt and washer (to fix the uniball stem on the frame)

Indispensable when using the Ducati Corse electronics (inertial platform mounted on the central air conduct)

The bracket, mounted on the lower forks bridge, allow to fix the linear potentiometer without others supports on the fork

Why choose the lateral way?

The use of the side steering damper is a must on all professional race bikes because the hydraulic response is in fact faster, more precise, and progressive.  The advantages of the lateral position damper help control the of front chassis better and allow for greater stroke.  The damper in the side to side position has better feel and travel making it more useful in the event of a tank slapper compared to the traditional mounting location.

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