Melotti Racing presents the new racing top fork bridge for Aprilia RSV4 1000/1100.
The experience gained on the race fields, along with teams and riders, allowed us to “update” our top fork bridge for the Aprilia superbike to a version “for race only”.
The new lower geometry combined with a further lightening of 100 grams (almost 200 less than the original plate) makes it extremely flexible to transmit the best feeling to the rider during the cornering phase, maintaining at the same time a high rigidity when stressed during the braking phase.
Developed to be combined with the OEM lower fork bridge,  our triple clamp maintains the original “gull wings” profile.

In addition, there is always the nonius adjusting the opening angle of the handlebars.

Main technical characteristics of the product:
-Made of aluminum alloy with CNC machines, 3D technology
-High flexibility at lateral loads
-Record weight of only 330 grams
-Nonius for handlebar adjustment
-Treated with black anodic oxidation
-Complete with head truncated-conical stainless steel screws 
-Available in two different offset (for RSV4 1000cc/1100cc)