KAWASAKI ZX-10R portatarga (4)
KAWASAKI ZX-10R portatarga (4) KAWASAKI ZX-10R portatarga (1) KAWASAKI ZX-10R portatarga (2) KAWASAKI ZX-10R portatarga (3) KAWASAKI ZX-10R portatarga (5)


 102,90 + VAT

Perfectly interchangeable with the original numerplate holder, this Melotti Racing numberplate holder is made of aluminum alloy, composed by an arm and a plate, both entirely CNC machined. Ample lightenigs are realized with the purpose to get an extremely light component, maintaining an elevated structural rigidity.
The attention in all the phases of the working process leads to state-of-the-art finishing and, contextually, an elevated qualitative level.

This is why we can offer lifetime warranty for our products.

This numberplate holder is designed to be totally adjustable, offering an ample angular excursion. With the numberplate holder is supplied a kit including: indicator supports in satin-finished inox steel, fixing screws.

The constant research for prefection under both an aesthetical and technical profile has brought us to creating an engraving on the rear of the bracket. This, in addition to the holes for the cable ties (included), allows you to anchor the wires in a clean and comfortable way: staying close to the arm, they don’t ruin the aesthetics.
Another detail that eases the wiring is the partial emptying of the hinges: sliding through these two engravings, the cables have a direct access to the rear cable duct that brings them directly to the tail.
At the end of the machining, the details are treated with anodical oxidation. Please choose from the drop down menu the licence plate support for the destination country.
Also made of aluminium, it is provided with a resin sticker, used to reduce vibrations.
The kit includes brackets for reflector and indicators, both made of satin stainless steel.
Available in anodixed black colour.


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Weight 0,8 kg
License plate

A – Italy-Germany-Greece, B – France-Belgium-Switzerland, C – Spain, D – USA-UK, E – Australia