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100% racing inspired, made of aluminum alloy, it’s totally CNC machined. A top fork bridge which combines performance and lightness (45 grams lighter than the original one).
The openings on it have a particular utility, which goes beyond aesthetics and weight reduction: in fact, they’re designed to make the component more flexible and more sensitive to lateral loads.
So we achieved good elasticity, that allows to have better response of the front wheel and a better feeling for the rider.
Aesthetically, it’ll radically change your bike’ s look, like a true race motorbike.
We maintained the “wing” profile of the original top fork bridge, to keep the standard setting and to give you the possibility to have a wide range of regulation with fork extraction.
Another important detail is represented by the engraved vernier, for a more precise regulation of the handlebars angle.
It’s available in anodized black colour, complete with inox steel PRO-BOLT screws (official supplier of several MotoGP and Superbike teams).
The new Melotti Racing locing nut is also included: made of Ergal alloy for top resistance, it’s anodized in natural colour.
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