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We’ve decided to dedicate our  fork top bridge to a motorbike that has made history of small-engines sport motorbikes, the 2 stroke Aprilia RS 125.

100% racing inspired, it’s made of aluminum alloy and CNC machined. A yoke that combines performance and lightness (only 516g).

The cuts on the fork top bridge go beyond lightness and design: indeed, they are cut to make the yoke more flexible and sensible to lateral loads; this characteristic gives it an elasticity that allows you to improve the contact between the wheel and the road when cornering, and gives the rider a better feeling.
Aesthetically, it will change the look of your bike, bringing it to the level of a real racing bike.
In order to mount it, racing handlebars are required, and it will give you the chance to properly set the height and the angle of the handlebars, allowinig you to find better riding settings.
It’s available in black color (anodized), supplied with Pro-Bolt stainless stell socket cap screws. Pro-Bolt is the official screws supplier for most of MotoGP and SBK teams.
This yoke allows you to mount the original key block, keeping its functions. If you don’t need it, you can choose the GP Series.
For bikes made up to 2007, and for those that don’t have the original master cylinder anymore, the SS51 oil tank support bracket is required, you can select it form the drop down menu.


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